Students in Wauwatosa warned not to take part in dangerous TikTok trends

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Students in the Wauwatosa School District are bring warned not to take part in some dangerous TikTok trends.

The District sent out a letter to families detailing three trends. They include breaking school property, singing inappropriate songs and slapping other kids.

The letter, sent from the superintendent, says in part, "One current trend is for students to take to TikTok and record themselves destroying school property. Another involves singing inappropriate songs. And yet a third encourages students to slap one another on the head or neck. Needless to say, vandalism, theft, destruction of property, vulgar language, physical violence and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in our schools. I am reaching out to our families and students to assist us as active partners in curbing this disturbing social media trend within the Wauwatosa School Community." 

It goes on to say disciplinary action will be taken if needed, including paying for repairs of school property. 

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