Students back at Bradford High School after Tuesday stabbing

NOW: Students back at Bradford High School after Tuesday stabbing

A local student is due in court after police say he stabbed his own friend inside Bradford High School in Kenosha on Tuesday. Teachers and students faced an uncertain atmosphere when they returned to class Wednesday morning.

School is back in session Wednesday after Tuesday’s incident, but students are still thinking about Tuesday's stabbing which shut down the school for the day.

Parents dropped students off at Bradford High School on Wednesday like it was any other day, but for students like Trinity Williams, Tuesday's stabbing is still on her mind, “half of us didn’t even see it happen but I had a friend who was in choir and he had a perfect view of what happened and apparently everyone in the classroom just screamed,” said Williams.

“I just feel bad for his family, I hope they do something. I know they're doing a lot more monitoring with the counselors. They haven’t had too much of a reaction yet, I don’t know if that will change,” said Ashley Falduto another student.

According to a Wednesday update from police, the student that was stabbed is still in critical condition for life-threatening injuries. 

Charges have been forwarded to the Kenosha County DA for first degree reckless endangering safety. Charging decisions will be made Thursday or Friday.

During the investigation, police discovered the stabbing was not a random act and the victim and suspect had prior associations.

There are extra counselors in hand at Bradford on Wednesday for kids who may want to talk.

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