Strong storm moves through Waukesha County, trees knocked down in Delafield

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Right after the strongest part of the storm hit CBS 58 found this tree down in Delafield.  It snapped a huge part of it right outside a doctor's office.   Crews were immediately on scene trying to get it out of the road.

More trees came down in Delafield.  Public works crews quickly arrived to cut the trees and put the trees in a wood chipper.   The crew leader told us they had a busy day ahead because of multiple reports for down trees. 

In Wales, water overtook a road, forcing cars and trucks to slow down. 

This all happened within minutes as the storm passed through Waukesha County fast.  A Delafield woman says she and her coworkers panicked at first.

\"The rain was so heavy. The outside was so dark, the power was turning on and off,\" Claire Moline said.  \"All of a sudden I heard this really like Big Bang. We didn't really pay attention then all of a sudden we saw this big tree outside.\"

No one was hurt in the storm Wednesday.

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