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Strong Blocks program aims to help families go from rent to own in 21 months in Sherman Park

The mayor is out to prove the city is making good use of the state funding its received in the aftermath of fires and looting that hit Sherman Park nearly one year ago.

Mayor Tom Barrett was in Sherman Park Thursday showing some of the homes that are being rehabilitated with $2 million given to the state by the state of Wisconsin.

The money will pay for demolition or rehabilitation of as many as 100 homes or buildings with a guarantee from developers that they will hire under employed or hard to employ workers from the area. 

The city will be helped in this by Ezekiel Community Development Corporation. 

"We're looking for resources. There's no question about that," Mayor Barrett tells CBS 58 News. "But we also know that we need the private sector to be part of the solution. We need investment. And I say when not if because I'm optimistic. That's going to be helpful. Everybody, including me, maybe even more so, is anxious for that to happen quickly."

An example would be the Strong Blocks Program.

It's a 21 month rent to own program at a fixed price with non profits helping families secure bank loans.

"This is kind of special because I grew up on 41st," said Carl Kundel of Strong Blocks. "The first ten years of my life I lived a few blocks from here at 41st and Wright and to be able to help the city and this great program, it's really an honor."

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