String of burglaries in Menomonee Falls

Police are investigating a string of burglaries within Menomonee Falls and neighboring communities. Within one week three homes were burglarized across Menomonee Falls. Police put out an alert saying the crimes happened during the day, and the front or back doors were kicked in.

Jennifer Bourbon, a resident says, \"It's kinda scary because I have a little one.\"

Jennifer Bourbon lives on Fond du lac Avenue where a home was burglarized and says it's mainly families in the area.

\"I'd say under 10 is the age where all the kids are. It's a little freaky especially because they run around and stuff all the time too, you never know.\"

Police say the burglaries are unusual for this area and they still have no leads. Police say electronics and jewelry are what's being stolen. Arthur Jacobs lives near one of the homes that was targeted.

Jacobs says, \"We've had issues with our garage being burglarized and broken into, and people walking into our yards late at night. So yeah it's very concerning.\"

What's worse is that the crimes are not isolated to Menominee Falls. Similar burglaries have popped up in Thiensville and Mequon. Officer Lance Wegner says get a deadbolt and use a wood bar for your door. Plus if you're heading out of town...

Wegner says, \"Have your lights on a timer, have someone shovel your driveway, does that tells a criminal there's no one home with snow on the ground especially this time year.\"

He says it's important to make your home as unattractive to criminals as possible.

\"Trim back trees because criminals like to be hidden, alarm signs even if you don't have an alarm, an alarm sign is going to help.\"

Police also warn that there are credit card thefts. They caution shoppers to not leave their purse in their car at the grocery store while shopping.

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