Store at Milwaukee Mall donates outfits to working women

NOW: Store at Milwaukee Mall donates outfits to working women

A local store owner at the Milwaukee Mall put an ad on Craigslist to donate a few outfits for women going back to work. 

It's called Love'n My Curves, it's a thrift store for plus size women. The owner wants to donate outfits to the first five women who come in. She said she is open to donating more if there is a need.

The owner Ailsa Stokes opened the store about three months ago and decided she wanted to give back after her mother passed away.

"She was so caring so I thought that would be a awesome way to represent my mother by giving back and being kind of like a mother and get them ready to go to work," said Stokes. 

The store has clothing for women sizes 12 to 30. There are blazers, coats, blouses and shoes.

Stokes said she knows the struggles of many working women face. 

"I used to be on W-2 and being a plus size woman myself its really hard to find. I thought this is great way to give back to my community," said Stokes. 

After she posted the ad, the response she got was overwhelming. 

"I've had people who donate, I've had women reach out who need clothing," said Stokes. 

But Love'n My Curves might not be open for much longer. She said the store would be open at least until mid-October and she's hopeful the store will be open longer if she gets support from the community. 

Although her business is in jeopardy, she wants to make sure a few women can get dressed for work. 

"I wanted to go out with a bang and let people know there are people out there," said Stokes. 

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