Sterling Brown's attorney reacts to MPD officer firing

NOW: Sterling Brown’s attorney reacts to MPD officer firing

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Sterling Brown’s attorney says the firing of a Milwaukee police officer is a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough.

Attorney Mark Thomsen says the firing of Erik Andrade for posting racially charged Facebook messages after Brown’s arrest is a good thing.

But Thomsen says the fact that other officers involved in the arrest still have their jobs, means there is work to be done.

“The officers, and particularly the two sergeants that instigated the unlawful, unconstitutional stop and use of force, they should be fired, and not just the officer who makes the racist post afterwards,” said Thomsen.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales released a statement about the firing today, saying in part, “I find that Officer Andrade’s postings are in direct violation of such policy. They have a racist connotation and are derogatory, mocking an individual who was recently the subject of officers’ use of force. Such comments also directly affect his credibility and ability to testify in future hearings as a member of this Department. I have not, and will not, tolerate such behavior.”

Thomsen sees that as progress. “The fact that the Chief apologized initially and now is fired one of the officers, that is a good thing for the city, the fact that the mayor recognized it was wrong, that is a good thing for the city,” said Thomsen.

“Frankly this is something that should’ve been done earlier,” said Thomsen, who doesn’t think things are moving fast enough. “Mr. Brown’s given the city every advantage to take the first step to do something unique and historic, and behalf of Mr. Brown, we’re still sitting here waiting for that to happen,” he said.

Andrade and the union have 10 days to appeal the firing.  Thomsen says this is an opportunity of the union to do the right thing. “The Milwaukee police union has a unique opportunity in this case too, they know that this was unlawful, and whether or not they recognize that,” said Thomsen.

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