Staying safe on the ice

The warmer weather is making it dangerous for those who enjoy being out on a frozen lake.Over the last few days, the sun has been out and we've even had temps in the uppers 30's. Firefighters want to remind people to be safe on the ice.

A plunge that can shut down your body. \"When its cold like that, the water can strip you of your body temperature within minutes,\" said Lt. Thomas Treutelaar with the Milwaukee Fire Dept.

He said people need to be careful when out on the ice.

\"If there is current underneath or it goes out to a larger body of water that prevents freezing. You might have ten inches where your are or 4 inches somewhere else because the water is moving underneath,\" explained Treutelaar.

When the weather changes so does the ice.

\"Where I say to be careful is when the ice melts, then refreezes, then thaws, then refreezes, that weakens the ice,\" said Treutelaar.

A real threat for those who ice fish.

\"Please have a floatation device. Also, have ice picks available. Use the picks to pick your way out of the hole and roll yourself onto the ice-shelf or if nothing else, you will have something to hang onto while your are waiting for us to come,\" said Treutelaar.

Milwaukee firefighters are equipped and ready for those types of rescues.

Remember, ice is never 100 percent safe.

\"The ice you start the day with, may not be the same ice you end the day with,\" said Treutelaar.

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