'Stay at home': Kenosha tow trucks respond to several crashes during winter storm

’Stay at home’: Kenosha tow trucks respond to several crashes during winter storm


KENOSHA, WIS. (CBS 58) - Crews in Kenosha have been working around the clock to clear the roads during the first winter storm of the year. They're expecting anywhere from five to eight inches of snow. Jeff Warnock is the Superintendent of Parks in Kenosha. He says he's been assigning crews to work different shifts since Friday but they have less employees than usual. 

"We found out this year here, COVID we had seven cases here already so I mean we lost drivers," said Warnock. 

CBS 58 also spoke with Brent Shaufler, the Operations Manager for McDevitt's Towing and Repair. He says they've responded to several crashes on I-94 so far. 

"We cleaned up probably 12 accidents just within an hour and a half to two hours. We have seen more in the last few hours but the initial surge of the storm hitting really put a tax on us getting the highway back open," explained Shaufler. 

Shaufler says drivers may need a reminder on how to drive safely on the snow. 

"Stopping times need to be doubled or tripled. Keep an eye down the road in case someone else sees an accident before you come upon it," said Shaufler. 

However, there are a few things experts say the community can to do help crews work safely and prevent further crashes. 

"Start to think now where you're going to pull them how you can clean your front yard or something. That's the biggest thing to help us is getting your cars and trucks off the street," said Warnock. 

"When you see tow trucks, police or the fire department, we are there for a reason, give us the extra space to work. If you don't have some place very important to go, the best thing to do is stay at home," said Shaufler. 

The Streets Division has about 45 pieces of equipment out to continue to clear the roads and say their crews will continue working through the night to make the roads as safe as they can be.  

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