Statewide Tornado Drill Will Happen in the Evening This Thursday, April 14th

Tim Halbach of the National Weather Service says this year's Severe Weather Awareness Week is about engaging families to think ahead.

It's with that in mind, that they decided to hold a tornado drill in the evening, as opposed to the afternoon in years past.

Here are the details of the day on April 14th.

During the afternoon, there will be a test tornado watch issued at 1pm.

Then, a test tornado warning at 1:45pm with the test ending at 2pm.

The evening test will not have a watch issued, but just a test tornado warning at 6:55pm.

If severe weather is possible the day of the test, it will be pushed to Friday the 15th at the same times.

Halbach was a special live guest on the CBS 58 News a 4.

"This is a great time for you to get your plans in place for when severe weather strikes," he told CBS 58 News.

His interview is attached to this story. 

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