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State Supreme court will rule on Act 10 Thursday

WISCONSIN -- The only ruling with any real teeth is the one involving Governor Scott Walker's Act 10 which limited most state workers collective bargaining rights. It's rare to have such historic decisions all come down on the same day but that's what is happening Thursday.  All three opinions will come down on controversial issues.  The ruling on act 10 could be the most significant though.  Act 10 has been in the courts for years now.  This could be the last gasp against the legislation.  Act 10 limited collective bargaining rights of public employees in Wisconsin.  The  legislation set off massive protests in Madison in 2011.  It was the main reason for the failed recall attempt of Governor Walker.  There have been challenges to the law pending in various courts for a while.  Now the State Supreme Court will weigh in. 

Former State Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske thinks there's a lot of interest in these cases.  Specifically Act 10 because it proved to be so divisive at the time.  She says this could be the final straw for Act 10.

\"I think why they become so high-profile is they're not only legal decisions, they're also political and public policy decisions,\" Geske said.  \"If the court finds that that's consitutional I think that's going to be the end and the law is going to stand.\"

Geske also said there really isn't an appeal to the Act 10 decision because it's an interpretation of the Wisconsin Constitution.

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