State Superintendent Tony Evers polls as front runner among Democrats for governor

NOW: State Superintendent Tony Evers polls as front runner among Democrats for governor

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- There are 8 democrats running in the Primary for governor.

The ballot on Tuesday actually lists 10 candidates. Andy Gronik and Dana Wachs are still listed even though they dropped out of the race.

State Superintendent Tony Evers is one of the Democratic candidates on the ballot.

He has been leading in Marquette University Law School Polls leading up to the Primary.

Evers has been the front runner in the race for months and had a 25 point lead over all other candidates in the most recent Marquette Law Poll.

Still, 60% of voters polled did not know who he was. 

As the State Superintendent, Evers is the only one of the eight candidates to hold a statewide office.

Despite being unknown, Evers has beaten Governor Scott Walker in several recent polls, even by double digits.

He would face a massive fundraising disadvantage against the current Governor if he were to win Tuesday night.

Scott Walker has raised about six times the amount of money.

Evers is one of only four democratic candidates to launch TV ads and has consistently been among the top in fundraising. 

He has also tended to take more moderate views than his opponents like saying he wants to rework the Foxconn deal as opposed to scrapping it.

Evers is also the only democratic candidate who says he does not want to make two year college and technical college tuition free.

While Evers is the definite front runner, there has not been a ton of polling on this race.

Stay with CBS 58 News for election results as they come in Tuesday evening.

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