State representative Bill Kramer enters not guilty plea to sexual assault charges

WAUKESHA - State Representative Bill Kramer says he's not guilty.  Now his attorney, Eduardo Borda, says it's time to separate fact from fiction in the sexual assault case. 

Kramer faces two felony charges of second degree sexual assault. 

Borda reiterated his concerns about the atmosphere of the case -- basically the media coverage of it. 

Kramer waived his preliminary hearing Thursday morning and entered the not guilty plea.  Partially because his attorney thinks the preliminary hearing process has been gutted.  He says there no advantage for either side.

Borda says he believes in Kramer.  He insists the story will come out in court one way or the other.

As far as potentially settling the case - borda says that's on the prosecution.  He says prosecutors must live with the charges they file - but they do reevaluate cases regularly.

He did say he's reviewed reports in the case and takes issue with some of it.

\"I can tell you that the defense is not in agreement the rescitation of the statments of the witnesses in the case,\" Borda said.  \"My concern with the criminal case in Waukesha, matters that deal with Madison are matters that deal with Madison.\"

Part of Kramer's bail was changed just to keep him from places where the primary purpose is to serve alcohol.  He must also maintain absolute sobriety.  He'll be back in court June 18.

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