State Representative Bill Kramer charged with sex assault

MUSKEGO -- Republican State Representative Bill Kramer is charged with two counts of Second Degree Sexual Assault after allegedly trying to force himself on a woman after a political event in 2011.

According to the criminal complaint, Rep. Kramer attended a Republican event called Pints and Politics at a Muskego bar called High Tide Pub & Grill. Multiple witnesses told police Rep. Kramer became too drunk to drive that night.

The criminal complaint states Rep. Kramer allegedly asked the victim for a ride to place where he had someone waiting to pick him up. The victim alleges Rep. Kramer grabbed her shoulder and pushed her into her car. The victim told police Rep. Kramer began touching her in a sexual manner. The police report says the victim made it clear she did not want this to continue.

In the complaint the victim says after getting the hands of Rep. Kramer off of her, he lunged at her a second time. The victim says after she rebuffed that second attempt the two got into her car. The complaint says the place Rep. Kramer told the victim to drop him off ended up being the parking spot next to his car. Once there, Rep. Kramer allegedly made another attempt engage in sexual activity with the victim before leaving her car.

The victim told police she never spoke about the incident to Rep. Kramer, because she wanted it to go away and didn't want any embarrassment. She did obtain legal representation, and had her lawyer draft a letter to Rep. Kramer. The letter instructed Rep. Kramer to never contact the victim or be in her presence unless \"it is absolutely unavoidable\".

During an interview with Muskego police, Rep. Kramer admitted to kissing the victim in 2008 at the Country Springs. He only admitted to kissing the victim goodnight after the 2011 politcal event, but said the victim kissed him back. The victim denied Rep. Kramer's claims of kissing in 2008.

If convicted on both counts of sexual assault, Rep. Kramer faces up to 80 years in prison.

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