State Representative is calling for bail reform following fatal Delafield crash

NOW: State Representative is calling for bail reform following fatal Delafield crash

Bail should only be set by a judge, that's the word of former judge, now State Representative Fred Kessler.

As it stands now, non-elected officials in the court have the authority to set bail, and Kessler is introducing a bill to end that, and the Frank Schiller case is fueling support for the legislation.

Peter Enns was being a good Samaritan, helping a family in need when he was killed. The person accused, police say, Frank Schiller is a man whose bail on past OWI cases was set by a non-elected court official.

"This is a decision that is so significant that an elected official ought to make it," Kessler said.

Last Saturday Night, police say Schiller was under the influence of something when he slammed in to a van at highway speeds along I-94. Peter Enns of Canada was helping the family change their flat tire. He was underneath the van getting the spare tire when Schiller hit the van. Enns later died. Schiller's bail right now is $1 million. Bail for past arrests was as low as $500.

"A non-elected official should not have set bail in felonies, particularly in serious felonies, like this," Kessler added.

The family of Peter Enns issued a statement: "Peter Enns was a great man and a loving husband and father to us. For the latter part of his life, it was his Christian faith that drove him to be the best possible person he could be. He told us that we should always live our lives in such a way that if we died that we’d be ready. While his death causes us pain that we would never wish upon anyone, we loved each other and we know that he was ready to meet Jesus in heaven.

Our prayers go out to everyone else affected by the accident and we would also like to thank those who responded to the accident as well as the doctors who tried to save him. Our prayers also go out to Frank Schiller. What he did was a terrible thing, but in the same way that Jesus forgave the people who nailed him to a cross, we choose to forgive Frank for what he did and know that Peter would have done the same. It is our hope that he can find the Lord and become free of drugs and alcohol. We also hope that this will remind people of the dangers of alcohol and drugs and encourage them to stay away from both.

We will miss Peter greatly, nothing will ever replace spending time with him. He was always there for us, whenever we needed advice or a hand, he was happy to help. We are happy to see that he will be remembered by the world as a Good Samaritan, and it would make him happy as well. We look forward to seeing him again in heaven."

Peter leaves behind a wife, Anna, sons Riky and Jeffery and daughter Tracy.

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