State Rep. Brett Hulsey announces run for governor

Madison--  Claiming he is the \"man with a plan\" who has what it takes to end Governor Walker's \"reign of error,\" State Representative Brett Hulsey, (D) Madison, announced Monday his bid for governor.  

The 54-year-old Madison democrat spoke with CBS 58 News about his Get Wisconsin Working Again Plan.  \"People want a real plan to put people to work, not more empty political rhetoric\" Hulsey said while informing the Government Accountability Board of his campaign for the state's highest office.

 Hulsey said his plan \"reinvests $2.1 billion to create clean energy jobs, increases job training, public school, UW system, and technical college investment, reverses the Walker tax increases on working families and senior citizens, saves babies, protects us from strip mining, and creates a Penokee Hills State Park instead of the world’s largest strip mine.\" 

Parked outside the State Capitol Monday was the 1987 Volkswagen Hulsey bought last year with $1200 in campaign money.  Also raising eyebrows and ire in recent years was Hulsey's decision to bring a box cutter to work for protection, and pleading no contest the year before to a disorderly conduct charge for flipping a 9-year-old by off an inner tube while both were swimming.  Asked if his sometimes erratic behavior will become a campaign issue, Hulsey replied,  \"Bring it on.  I'm running for governor not for saint.  I'm human.  I've made mistakes in my life where I have I'll admit it.  And then, where I've been set up and framed and tricked by dirty politicians, I'll talk about that too.\" 

In order to face Governor Walker in November, Hulsey would have to defeat fellow democrat Mary Burke in the August primary.  A Burke spokesperson said their focus remains squarely on Scott Walker adding \" Mary Burke has a real plan to grow our economy, create jobs and strengthen the middle class, and a game plan to beat Walker in the fall.\"  



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