State lawmaker calls on Governor Walker to remove Sheriff Clarke from office

NOW: State lawmaker calls on Governor Walker to remove Sheriff Clarke from office
Milwaukee County -

State Representative David Crowley is ready to take on the Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke.

"I've never boxed before, but I know the gloves are going to come off at some point with the sheriff," he said.

Crowley describes Clarke as a man who bullies the people he's sworn to protect and serve and fails to take responsibility for deaths at a jail under his supervision.

"We pay him to be our sheriff, not to go off at the mouth and put folks down," he said.

Crowley said Clarke's unacceptable behavior is enough cause for the governor to take action. But, Scott Walker believes otherwise.

"It is only the responsibility of the governor to take action if someone in that position violates the laws of this state," said Walker.

Governor Walker said the last time that happened was in 2010, when then-governor Jim Doyle started the process to remove Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz from office.

Kratz eventually resigned despite vowing not to. He was caught in a sexing scandal with  a domestic violence victim whose boyfriend he was prosecuting.

"Short of that, I think governors should stay out of local politics and leave that up to the voters," Walker said.

But Crowley said two more years of Clarke is too long, leaving a recall as another option.

"I'd like to see the people step up and start the recall process if that's what they feel is necessary, but I am not pushing for a recall," said Crowley. "I am pushing for the governor to answer the call and remove the sheriff."

Crowley understands there are people who support the sheriff, but said he's standing up for his constituents who deserve better.

He hopes more calls to elected officials and the governor put pressure on Walker to act now.

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