State launches new cyber security effort to protect individuals, businesses from hackers

MILWAUKEE -- With a growing number of companies reporting hacking attacks, businesses and governments are beefing up their cyber security.

National and local leaders gathered to share ideas to reduce the threat of an attack at the 2nd Annual Cyber Summit held at Marquette University.

The theme of this year's conference is cyber hygiene, a national campaign the state is adopting to better protect the public in cyberspace.

Individuals and businesses can practice good cyber hygiene by following these five steps:

  • Count: Know what's running on your network

  • Configure: Implement key security settings to protect your system

  • Control: Limit who has privileges to change security settings

  • Patch: Regularly update all apps, software & systems

  • Repeat: Regularize the top priorities for a secure cyber foundation

National experts at Wednesday's cyber security summit said vigilance is key to avoiding danger.

Locking doors to your home is a protection from criminals, so they said the same thought process and effort must be used online.

Governor Scott Walker is behind the push to reduce the state's threat of cyber attacks.

Officials are preparing for the modern day emergency just like it would for a disaster.

\"When we have a flood we know what to do. Every flood is different,\" said Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, WI Homeland Security Advisor. \"If we have a tornado, we know what to do. The idea is to figure out what to do in a cyber event to help mitigate the effects on people we're trying to support.\"

October is cyber security awareness month.

You can learn more about the state's cyber hygiene campaign by visiting

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