State Fair Traffic and the Zoo Interchange

The start of the Wisconsin State Fair is here.  Over the course of the last year there have been big changes around the Zoo Interchange. Among them include the reopening of a major system ramp and traffic pattern switches.

The reconstructed I-41/US-45 southbound system ramp to I-94 east reopened back in May however drivers will still not have access to the 84th St. exit ramp.  If you’re traveling along I-894 northbound and take the ramp to I-94 east then you can still access 84th St. 

Drivers also traveling along I-94 east from Waukesha will not be able to access the 84th St. off ramp either.  They will need to either exit at Hwy 100 or continue through the interchange and exit at 70th

Drivers have several options available to get around the construction areas and closures. Bluemound Rd. and 84th St. will see an increase in volume for drivers coming from the north while Greenfield Ave. and 70th St. will see increase from the south and west.

As with most changes be sure to plan on extra time and watch for an increase in pedestrian traffic in and around the Wisconsin State Fair Park. Be sure to follow @ABrovelli and watch the CBS 58 Morning News for the latest on the Zoo Interchange Project and other construction projects throughout southeastern WI. 

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