Star NCAA Tournament player has Milwaukee roots

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A star basketball player from Kansas has roots in Milwaukee. 

Ochai Agbaji plays for the Kansas Jayhawks and will play in the NCAA National Championship game Monday night. Before making a name for himself in college basketball, Ochai and his family lived here in Milwaukee. Family friend Lisa Lindstrom-Bitto teaches at The Milwaukee Sign Language School, where Ochai went to kindergarten. 

"Ochai Agbaji has just been an inspiration to so many students. His mom worked here with me and taught kindergarten. I could not be prouder of where Ochai is going." 

It's a path his own parents are all too familiar with, as they both have experience on the court too. 

"His family was so supportive Erica and her husband both went to UWM both basketball players. It does take a village it does take a family and for me to be part of this schools family is amazing." 

It's an amazing quality many saw in Ochai from a young age. 

"This kid trained, he was dedicated he studied he practiced this as a kid you want to be. He scores over 20 points a game, he's up for the Wooden Award, he's an MVP, he's everything a teacher wants and more." 

Ochai is a shining star to many, making Milwaukee proud. 

"He has shown all of us that you never give up. You train you practice you persevere." 

Ochai is one of the five finalists for the 2022 John R. Wooden Award, which is presented to college basketball's player of the year. The winner will be announced Tuesday. 

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