St. Francis Police K-9 "Bane" becomes internet sensation

NOW: St. Francis Police K-9 “Bane“ becomes internet sensation

ST. FRANCIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- K-9 Bane works with the St. Francis Police Department. He's a dual-purpose dog, specializing in scent and protection work.

Bane and his handler, Detective Holly McManus, have been working together for about five years now.

McManus helped create the department's K-9 program. She made a Facebook page for Bane so the community could see what he's up to. He's since gone viral.

"People from all over the world follow Bane on Facebook," Det. Holly McManus said. "I actually had a vet from Iraq contact me and tell me how much she enjoys following him. K-9 handlers down in South America follow him and comment on his progress."

Bane is eight years old and lives with McManus.

She says although he's a grumpy old man, Bane adores his older sister, a corgi named Pickles.

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