Spring Training postponed; fans react to the news

NOW: Spring Training postponed; fans react to the news

MILWAUKEE, (CBS 58) -- Most Spring Training games in Arizona were supposed to start next weekend. For now, the earliest they'll play is Mar. 5. Fans with flights say they're going anyway.

Todd Turks waited his whole life to get to Spring Training.

"I got a condo rented for the month of March and part of my bucket list was to go to a Brewers game that I may not be going to," said Turk, an avid baseball fan.

So far, Spring Training is postponed until Mar. 5. Turk has tickets to the Brewers-Cubs game on Mar. 21.

"So that hasn't been cancelled but if it's going the way it's going, we may not be going to it," said Turk.

The last negotiating session was Feb. 17. Just 15 minutes in, the management reps walked out over the union's latest proposal.

"I'm pretty upset about the whole thing but we saw it coming so," said Robin Davis, another baseball fan.

Davis and her friends have been going to Spring Training for almost 10 years.

"It's very upsetting. Like I said, it's my second home. We want to see baseball. We had 2020. Enough is enough. Let's just get baseball back," Davis said.

Davis didn't book her trip this year because she had a feeling this would happen. But we caught up with another fan who did.

"I am pretty bummed about the news that has been hitting over the last few hours and the last couple days about baseball," said Beau Duran.

Duran has been a faithful fan, sitting in these Arizona stands for 30 years, which are now empty.

"So I grew up going to Spring Training but I've lived in the Midwest now for 11 years and I've gone all but one year that I've lived in the Midwest, -54 so it looks like this will be the first year that I missed a spring," said Duran.

Duran is marching ahead with his March plans, even though they're different now.

"I'll hike a little bit and maybe find a beverage or two to enjoy and try to drown my sorrows while I'm out there," Duran said.

We're hearing that the clubs have adopted a policy across the board to provide an option for full refunds to any cancelled Spring Training games.


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