Spring Fever hits Milwaukee

 Frozen tundra: No more. At least that's what some of us hope. We've still got about three weeks before spring but plenty of people were outside Sunday enjoying the warmer weather. 

 A little cold weather hasn't stopped the Mitz's before...

\"We get out almost every Friday night to ice skate,\" said Lynda Mitz. 

Sunday they were joined by plenty of others, like Jack Schumacher, who was enjoying the sunshine but looking forward to all the spring activities.

\"Like maybe play with my friends outside, and stuff,\" said Schumacher. 
And though he's modest about his skating skills, he says the only thing he'll miss is building snow forts. 

It might surprise you there were plenty of people at Bradford Beach today, but not for sunbathing, rather, for sightseeing. 

And over on the East Side, they call March 1st a different kind of holiday. 

\"Parking. Parking restrictions are up..or at least some are up,\" said resident Ronnie Harrell. 

No more tickets. No more searching for spots.

Harrell says its a sign of good things to come. 

\"Just in general. The city lightens up a lot when it gets warm,\" he said. 

There's some good news for those of you still longing for spring. Research indicates Wisconsin usually gets its coldest temperatures by March 4th, so it all goes up from here.
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