SPECIAL REPORT TUESDAY AT 10: Sonogram keepsake photos; is there a real risk?

 The ultrasound has come a long way. 3-d imaging can shows facial features with never before seen detail.

Over the past ten years, it's lead to an explosion of photography studios offering 3-d imaging for keepsakes, everything from cake toppers to greeting cards with the pretty pictures of the baby's face.

Demand for these types of photos has only increased, despite an FDA warning to parents to steer clear.

CBS 58's Michele McCormack investigates.

Listen to a leading local medical expert, but also hear from the mothers who say this type of photo has given them peace of mind to ease their pregnancy.

You'll also see exactly what the technology is, and meet a longtime photographer of the unborn (as she calls herself) and hear why she believes so much in what she's doing.

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