Speaker Ryan Praises MPS Violence-Free Zones

Speaker Paul Ryan praised Milwaukee Public Schools while saying a piece of his upcoming agenda will help make Milwaukee, and cities like it, a safer place.

Milwaukee Police said there have been 38 murders this year in the City of Milwaukee.

In an interview with CBS 58, Ryan said, "The violence is awful. We all know this.”


As the city continues to grapple with violence, Ryan is looking for a national solution.

The Wisconsin Congressman, and Speaker of the House, said he's rolling out a plan for House Republicans. Ryan says part of the focus is poverty and violence.

Ryan said, "This is one of the things we're going to offer the country, which is a better way forward with helping deal with despair in our communities."

Ryan said people on the front lines fighting poverty and violence, in cities like Milwaukee, need help and support. He used Milwaukee Public Schools as an example.

He said, "Look at violence free zones at Pulaski High School and about another dozen high schools in Milwaukee and MPS. These are successful programs that are getting kids out of violence, that are getting young men out of gangs.”

The growing program is a partnership between MPS and three community organizations. People work with 150 students at each of the schools involved in the program to help make schools safer, and raise grades.

“These are the kinds of things that are seeing success and we want to replicate and want to amplify and those are the kinds of things we're going to be talking about this fall." Ryan said.

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