"Speak up:" Students learning to stand up against bullying

“Speak up: “ Students learning to stand up against bullying

There are concerns about bullying after a tragic death in Glendale. On Thursday, people gathered to remember 14 year-old Quentin Espinoza. 

He took his own life over the weekend and his family believes it was because of bullying. 

One organization is teaching students how to deescalate a conflict and how to stand up for themselves against bullies. 

At JK Lee Tae Kwon Do, instructors teach more than martial arts. Instructors teach kids how to use words to stand up for themselves.

"Make sure you look confident and you sound confident. It is a very, very important concept because you don't want anyone to ever to look at you as a victim," said Chan Lee, Bully Expert and Martial Arts Instructor.

Julie Rivera brought her daughter to the studio after learning that she was being bullied on the bus last year. She said her daughter would come home crying and did not want to tell school officials. 

But through the class, she learned how to conduct herself and how to respond to the bully on the bus. 

“Speak up speak loud, don’t let people talk to you that way. Use your words instead of your fists," said Rivera. 

Her daughter confronted the bully and he never bothered her again. 

"They gave her the courage to actually get on there and she did. He never bothered her a day after that," said Rivera. 

Rivera said her daughter isn't nervous to go on the bus or to stand up for others. 

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