Some local brewers angry about not getting into state fair

We all know the Wisconsin State Fair is about the cream puffs, rides and 4-H, but it's also a great opportunity for brewers to show off their one-of-a-kind beers. Some local brewers aren't happy with how hard it is to get their beer inside the fair grounds.

\"I think its a great opportunity for a lot of local beers to be showcased. A lot of our customers go there and they want to find out product. It's really frustrating that a lot of these fair are locked down by a lot of distributors,\" said Mike Brenner of Brenner Brewery. 

State fair CEO Rick Frenette understands Brenner's frustration.

\"I'm disappointed to when I go to a bar in town and they don't have the beer I like but as the Wisconsin State Fair we do not serve the beer or food at the park. We have to control the wholesalers that sell the products to our vendors,\" said Frenette. 

That means it's up to the vendor and distributor.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera reports. 

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