Soldier’s uniforms stolen from car in Riverwest

NOW: Soldier’s uniforms stolen from car in Riverwest

Three OCP uniforms and a Chevy Spark were stolen from Binky Tunny’s locked garage on Keefe Avenue on Sunday.

“I feel like living in Riverwest, anyone can come into my home or garage at any time. I feel incredibly violated,” said Tunny.

Tunny is a National Guard soldier who has lived in Riverwest for about five years. During that time, there have been five incidents.

The thief rummaged through her two cars in her garage but decided to take her Chevy Spark that she calls the “Green Dragon.”

That’s when she called Milwaukee Police.

“They were here in half an hour and found my car within 12 hours. They were super helpful,” said Tunny.

Officer tracked her car down about six blocks away in someone else’s garage. The homeowner called police when he found the car that wasn’t his.

Tunny got the “Green Dragon” back. Her boots, cans of diet coke, and a stolen pressure washer were inside but her uniforms were gone. She estimates her uniforms costs $350 each.

“Getting the uniforms is on me. I am just concerned about what somebody is doing with my uniforms,” said Tunny.

If you have any information about whom the suspect might be contact Milwaukee Police at (414) 933-4444.

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