Sojourner Family Peace Center Asking for Help Burying Murder Victim

Sojourner Family Peace Center is asking for donations to help Nya Hammond's family. They've already raised about two thousand dollars but say they need about seven thousand in just a few days.

Along with family a criminal complaint says Nya Hammond, was killed in the final blow of domestic violence. Nya Hammond's body was shot to death in a parking lot in Glendale where she worked. She was 19 and had a 3 year old son.

Sojourner Family Peace Center in Milwaukee says they've been working with the family and hope to get donations  for Hammond's burial.

They say the fund usually designated for this has been depleted and need the community to come forward.

Carmen Petre, CEO of Sojourner Family Peace Center said, "It's really important that we stand with each other when they are in heartbreak and are broken. This is just the little bit that Sojourner can do to say to this family, you're not alone, this should not have happened. I wish there was a door we could have opened sooner for Nya."

To make a gift to the Sojourner Emergency Fund, please call Sojourner at 414-276-1911 or visit


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