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Small group of volunteers search East Side for Kelly Dwyer

MILWAUKEE --It was a small group searching for Kelly Dwyer Sunday. Down along the Milwaukee River along some of the wooded areas. Their hope is that they can find something that will help bring Kelly back to her family.

\"Right now we have nothing.\"

But a group of volunteers pressed on.  Searching the areas between dwyer's old apartment and where she was last seen.

\"There's just a lot of secluded areas that we want to make sure that we go over and double check,\" Search organizer Chris Schwartz said.

Schwartz says family members were supposed to be here to help.

\"I've been in close contact with the family, they wanted to come down today but they got real sick, they just want their daughter back. It's been six weeks now and there's no sign of her, she just vanished.\"

There weren't many helping on a cold day - but those who came hold out hope.

\"Stranger things have happened. I'm hopeful that she's still alive,\" Volunteer Laurie Buss said

\"Just look and pray to God,\" one volunteer said.

Milwaukee Police hasn't made progress on the case since they ended a landfill search recently.  Dwyer is still missing - and these searches are all volunteer.

\"I would hope that if somebody in my family went missing, that people would come out and help me and my family to find them,\"  Buss said.

Schwartz says he's received tips from various places about where to look.

\"It all connects, we really can't leave this unturned, we have to go and look at this. We need to find Kelly. It's been too long. She just didn't vanish, she's out there somewhere, ready to be found.\"

Anybody with any information is urged to call Milwaukee Police and give them a tip. There is also a $10,000 reward out for any information related to the disappearance of Kelly Dwyer.

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