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Slow down in West Allis


West Allis - One local community is hoping a friendly reminder about \"not\" putting the pedal to the metal will get drivers to better appreciate their safety as they're cruising through.

On Beloit Road near Ocean Drive in West Allis, CBS 58 spotted a number of signs that say \"You're in West Allis Slow down\".

CBS 58 spoke with Russ Marsh, a West Allis resident who lives on Beloit Road.

\"Speeders. We do have a lot of them going both ways on Beloit.\" Russ Marsh.

Russ Marsh told us it doesn't matter the time, drivers speed on Beloit Road.

\"Just about all the time. Mostly evenings, but during the day towards noon or so and there after, a lot of fast traffic.\" Russ Marsh.

\"We do have people coming back and forth between the older people across the street. They park on this side, they have to walk onto that side, and people are just buzzing back and forth, so i just hope they slow down.\" Russ Marsh.

The west allis police department told CBS 58 they have been posting these signs all over the city as a preventative measure.

 \"We've had many accidents in this area. To me it's concerning. I'm glad the police have done what they've done, and we have seen a lot of people being stopped for speeding, it has been working.\" Russ Marsh.

The West Allis Police Department tonight they have not seen an increase in speeding tickets.



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