Slinger Police respond to swatting incident

The Slinger Police received a swatting prank on August 6 on Nordic Way. 
Someone called the police station and gave the name of a minor and said I just shot my dad. 
Police responded to an address on Nordic Way, but found nothing. 
They searched the name and found the address of a grandmother. 
From there they were able to locate the family and determine that they were all safe. 
Police believe the call was made by a minor over a situation involving an X-box. 
Police Chief said caller was upset with the son. 
Across the country there has been an increase in these types of pranks. Some are calling it \"swatting\" where pranksters get a kick out of seeing tactical units deployed.
\"Our response this is real,\" explained Slinger Police Chief Dean Schmidt. \"We can't respond any other way.  It Gives them a thrill. They know that.\"
Chief Schmidt called it  very annoying for him and his force.
In the end the Swat team never responded.
CBS 58's Michael Schlesinger has learned that two minors are being questioned.
The chief wants the pranksters prosecuted to the fullest extent.
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