Ski slopes jump at opportunity to add more snow to their hills

NOW: Ski slopes jump at opportunity to add more snow to their hills


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Ski slopes are busy this week with kids out of school. On Monday night, Dec. 27, they'll have the opportunity to add more snow to the slopes, but not naturally.

The Rock Snowpark in Franklin is taking advantage of the colder temperatures to fill more of the slopes, something officials there said they haven't had a lot of chances to do this year.

For some out on the slopes Monday, it was their first time seeing that much snow.

Skylar Makal said she came with her family to visit from Florida and had never seen snow before.

"Magical! The best feeling ever, oh my God, I almost cried. I was screaming and smiling," she said, describing the first time she saw snow.

The Rock Snowpark's general manager Riley May said there will be even more snow after Monday night, as they need as much as possible to keep their slopes white. It's something they've struggled with this year, even having to close at one point.

"Season's been a little up and down, started out a little warmer than we'd like, and snow-making has been a little challenging. But luckily, we have snow-making and as soon as those temps drop to about 28 degrees or lower, we're able to fire up the guns and kind of get this place looking like winter again," said May.

He said business has been good however, a welcome change after dealing with COVID.

Now they're hoping to get enough snow made to open up more slopes.

Avid snowboarders and skiers are excited.

"This is my third year now, second year snowboarding, and it's just fun," said Evan Rinzel.

They said while the snow is a little slushy now, they're glad to hear colder weather, meaning more snow on the slopes.

"That's nice, that's good, a little expansion. I want to see up top open, it's always fun to just zoom down," said Alex Battie.

May said they'll be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. through Jan. 2 for the holidays.

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