SPECIAL REPORT: Impact social media can have on kids confidence

SPECIAL REPORT: Impact social media can have on kids confidence

Chances are your teen is probably using their cell-phone at this very moment. And what your child is looking at could have lasting effects. A new study claims Instagram is the worst social media site for kid's confidence.

CBS 58 anchor Whitney Martin sat down with a group of cheerleaders who explain what it's like to grow up surrounded by technology.

They're known for their confidence on world stages and while being a reign cheerleader comes with intense pressure to awe judges, these young athletes are dealing with high stress once they step off the competition mat.

When asked what makes a good selfie, the teens said good lightning. Giving a candid response to what mental health experts say is damaging the way kids and teens view themselves.

Experts say social media not only eats up our time, but it's eating away at our confidence once the filters are removed.

The cheerleaders said those filters bring out your skin color and it makes you look a lot prettier, but when they go away it makes them realize the insecurities they have.

“It's all about image, it's all about acceptance, and it's all about comparison unfortunately,” said Kristin Belkofer who is a licensed professional counselor.

She says social media can rewire how we think; training our brain to crave more likes and feel inadequate when they don't hit a certain amount.

Some of the teens say they check certain photos daily to see how close they can get to a certain amount. Other teens said they’ve gone places just to take photos and not for the experience of being there.

Belkofer says parents need to be aware of what they are saying about themselves in front of kids and what message they are sending. Then she says parents should get to know our kids and pay attention to what they're saying about themselves. Belkofer says parents have every right to know who are teens are talking to on social media and who they could be idolizing.

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