Sister reacts after man killed in south side industrial accident

MILWAUKEE -- A tragic accident early Thursday morning took the life of a 38-year-old man.

His family said he was an amazing father, brother, and husband.  An unfortunate accident thursday morning at this cement plant behind me took his life all too soon.

\"There's not really much of a way to say how you feel,\" Amanda Lee said.

Lee struggled to put it all together.  Just an hour after hearing that her older brother was killed in an industrial accident.

\"It's an unexplainable feeling. The way it's tragic on top of it makes you wonder if he was in pain.\"

38-year-old Stephen Rauth died after getting pinned under a machine inside Nuvo Construction early Thursday morning.  Firefighters used a conveyer belt to get him out of the building.

\"He did all the different kind of concrete work. He'd use all the machines.\"

Rauth leaves behind a wife and three young children - two boys and a girl. 

\"Those kids are crazy, they're very fun, they're active,\" Lee said.  \"They love going to Church, they're really good kids to be around.\"

Rauth was a plant manager at Nuvo Construction.  He worked there for about five years.  Nuvo's manager says they closed the plant for the day after hearing the news. 

Lee says her brother was a true-family man -- and he'll be missed dearly.

\"He was a provider.  He didn't care. He worked for his family. He worked for every single person in his family.  Not Just for his own personal family he went for his whole family.  He was just a good person all the way around.\"

Nuvo construction's manager tells CBS 58 the company is investigating how and why this happened.  He also said OSHA was on-site to investigate. 

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