Shorewood Police Catch Prospect Avenue Robbery Suspect Committing Another Robbery

Minutes after Shorewood Police were notified of a suspect in a robbery on North Prospect Avenue being in their area, an officer witnessed the same suspect committing another strong armed robbery.

Shorewood Police Department was notified of a robbery on Tuesday morning that occurred in the City of Milwaukee at about 9:10 AM, according to the Shorewood Police Department. 

The robbery occurred in the 2800 block of North Prospect Avenue.

At about 9:14 AM the Shorewood Police Department saturated the southern border of Shorewood near East Edgewood Boulevard and North Maryland Avenue to search for the suspect vehicle.

A Shorewood police detective while patrolling in an unmarked squad observed witnessed the suspect’s vehicle in the 3400 block of North Maryland Avenue.

As the police detective turned her squad around to attempt to stop the suspect, the detective saw a subject exit from the vehicle and commit a strong arm robbery in the 3400 block of North Maryland Avenue in the City of Milwaukee and was back in the vehicle by the time detective approached the suspect’s vehicle.

The suspect’s vehicle fled the scene as the detective attempted to stop the suspect. The fleeing vehicle rammed into the police vehicle.

The vehicle was located abandoned in Glendale minutes after this incident. The Shorewood detective was not injured in the incident.

The City of Milwaukee Police is currently investigating the robberies.

Additionally, at about 12:30 PM the Shorewood Police Department assisted the City of Milwaukee Police Department with a high risk traffic stop in the 2700 block of East Capitol Drive regarding a separate strong arm robbery that occurred in the upper Eastside of Milwaukee.

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