Shopping Expert Explains How to Beat Black Friday

Black Friday is days away, but with hundreds of thousands of door busters, how can shoppers determine a deal versus a dud? The founder of says do your homework and never shop without a coupon. 

Kyle James has been tracking shopping data for years and started the coupon website to make shopping easier for consumers. He says even if a shopper doesn't have a coupon handy, just ask. James suggests signing up for coupon websites, that way daily deals are always accessible through email. Also, if there isn't a coupon handy, he says take advantage of online chat systems on a retailer's website. Often, online operators are standing by with coupons to hand out or the ability to price match. Finally, James suggests logging out, before checking out. 

"Go to their website, add the item to your cart, make sure you’re registered, so they have your email address, then right before you get to put your credit card information, simply log out of your account. In many cases, that will trigger an email to you saying, 'hey we noticed you still have items in your cart, here’s a 15% off coupon or free shipping to come back and complete your purchase,'” said James.

James says some of the best buys on Black Friday are fall apparel, small kitchen appliances, budget laptops, tablets and video games. 

He suggests holding off on name brand TVs, toys, fitness equipment and tools. 

James says using coupon data from the past few years, he has found December 16 is the best day for deals on toys. He says December 11-13 are the best days to buy name brand televisions. If it's not a gift, James says wait until January to buy fitness equipment and June for tools. 

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