Shocked: Local police officers undergo taser training

“It's horrible. When you go thru it it's 5 seconds, but it seems like an eternity.”

Delavan Assistant Police Chief James Hansen knows exactly what a taser feels like, as do nearly all of his officers.

However, unlike the people they arrest, these officers volunteered for the shock.

“We do this every year to recertify people and understand the role of the taser and the effects of the taser so when dealing with people you understand what could happen,\" Hansen said.

Detective David Smith's first experience with a taser was 8 years ago, and the memory is fresh in his mind.

“Your whole body,your muscles, kind of tense up. So much was running through my mind it just basically disabled my body. I just wanted it to be over,” Smith said.

The chief, captains, investigators, even the chaplain wanted to know what it was like, and they say the experience made an impact.

“Knowing that you could be doing this to another person, you want to make sure it's kind of the last resort,” Hansen said.

Delavan Police say this training is yet another example of how they stay connected to the community, which they say is their biggest asset.

“With the City of Delavan we want to have kind compassionate, competent service delivered in a fair yet firm manner. That's the first part of the training. We want to minimize what's going on.”

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