Sheriff David Clarke suing Milwaukee County over budget

 Sheriff David Clarke and the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff's Association have filed suit against Milwaukee County.

In confirming the court filing, MSDA President Robert Ostrowski said lives are in danger.

In a written statement issued Tuesday Ostrowski said the following:

\"The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office is at a dangerously low staffing levels. Milwaukee County administrators have failed to recognize the essential, and vital role that the Sheriff's Office plays in regards to protecting our community.

The Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff's Association supports the hiring of additional staff which is needed for the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office to continue to serving our community, maintain public safety, along with protecting the employees who risk their lives daily\".

 CBS 58 News obtained a copy of the complaint filed Monday in Circuit Court.

Sheriff Clarke alleges that the \"elimination of Deputy and Correctional Officer positions has placed the public in jeopardy.\"

Clarke also says that  \"Deputies are working excessive hours often without appropriate levels of sleep and rest, working conditions are unsafe.\"

A spokesperson for the County Executive has not returned our call for comment.

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