Sheriff David Clarke says deputies should resume patrols on county buses

 Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke sat down with CBS 58 News Friday and talked extensively about why his plan for deputy patrols on county buses could be successful in curbing criminal acts on board.

The Sheriff reminded the public on how he organized deputies who rode on some routes until 2012. Routes that are now under scrutiny after two separate knife attacks on women.

\"Some on the county board are in favor of that. The County Executive is not. That's the tug of war right now and the loser in all of this is the person who uses the Milwaukee County Transit System.\"

The Sheriff says a major metropolitan area like Milwaukee should have a thriving and safe bus system.

\"Some use it by choice, some use it because its their sole means of transportation. A bus ride through the County of Milwaukee should not be a frightening and intimidating experience. That's the quality of life of it right now for people on some lines.\"

At one point Clarke used data to identify troubled routes and bus stops. Route 19 was one of them.

\"We had really driven down crime and disorder.\"

He had a staff dedicated to bus security. 45 deputies with some supervisors.

\"That was cut from the budget. Don't have the deputies any more until calls for service. We'll dispatch either us or the Milwaukee Police Department. Some will try to have you believe that the Milwaukee Police Department is focusing on bus routes. Everybody knows they don't have the personnel. They need to be in the neighborhoods dealing with the crime.\"

Sheriff Clarke has also proposed using federal transportation funds to bring the bus safety unit back.

\"If you don't have the horses, you're not going to win the race.\"

He hopes the discussion will begin in earnest again and put pressure on County Executive Chris Abele.

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