Sheriff David Clarke Calls Upon Milwaukee to hire 400 new Police Officers

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wasted no time, telling members of Milwaukee's Public Safety Committee he wants to "rain holy hell" on the worst offenders in Milwaukee.

It came as part of a series of meetings between the committee and local leaders, aimed at reducing crime across Milwaukee.

This week, it was Sheriff Clarke's turn.

     "I can tell you, I can drive around this city for two hours, and never see a cop."

Alderman were quick to question Clarke's plan of action, which would cost the city $40-million dollars. The Police Department already takes up well over half of Milwaukee's budget.

     "There are some strategies that I've proposed, and that have been proposed by Chief Flynn; we don't have enough human resources behind those strategies for them to be very effective," said Clarke.

Chief Flynn responded to those comments Friday afternoon.

     "Sheriff Clarke managed to make a one hour conversation without one single fact," said Flynn. "If folks can identify a way to pay for 400 officers and do that in a way that's fiscally responsible, I'll never turn down officers."

Flynn said that move would require millions of additional dollars for assistant district attorneys, probation officers, and judges. 

     "There's all things we like to say, and there's all things we'd like to see. Paying for them, that's the hard work for governance."

Clarke says his requests for additional deputies have also gone un-resolved. 

     "For the last few years in both budget requests, I asked for 150 [new deputies]. What did I get? My budget cut."

He says additional deputies and additional officers are the only way the city and county can combat crime.

     "We need to bring holy hell on these individuals, there's no fear," he said. "Traffic stops are going to make these individuals realize we can't carry these guns in cars anymore. But there's no fear right now of being pulled over and caught with that gun." 

Clarke also called for an increase in warrant searches, and in patrols by probation officers. He also called for change in Milwaukee schools, calling the current situation "a mess." 

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