Sheboygan PD will Watch Your Bikes for July 4th Festivities

The Sheboygan Police Department encourages the public to enjoy the festivities at the lakefront this year on the 4th of July with your friends and family by getting there on your bicycle. There will be two bike corrals supported by officers and members of the Sheboygan Police Department Explorer post where citizens can leave their bicycles and police will watch them for you until you return to go home. 

One will be at Deland Park next to the war memorial along Broughton Drive. The other will be on South Pier Drive on the west side of the road at the intersection of Lakeview Drive.

All police ask in return is that you not leave them in the corrals at the end of the night. The corrals will be available starting shortly after the parade ends and will close shortly after the fireworks are over.

This year police will also accept wagons and strollers as long as personal property is not left with them.

Reserving a spot for the Independence Day Parade:

-The policy of the City of Sheboygan is that you may bring tarps and chairs to hold a spot between the sidewalk and street along the parade route after 5:00 AM on July 4, 2016. Any items placed out prior to that time will be considered abandoned property and may be removed. This is to help minimize the amount of over-night vandalism and help to prevent conflicts over those spots.

Independence Day Traffic Restrictions:

- Following the Independence Day Parade, Broughton Drive will remain closed to vehicle traffic and parking will be prohibited from Michigan Avenue south to Wisconsin Avenue for the safety of pedestrians and the lakefront activities.

- Parking will be prohibited along the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue from N. 8 Street west to N. 14 Street all day to provide two lanes of westbound traffic leaving from the lakefront

- After the fireworks, traffic flow will be restricted at the Rotary Intersection at S 8th Street and Indiana Avenue.

There will be no north bound traffic allowed on S 8th Street from the round-about intersection.

- All traffic coming south across the 8th Street Bridge will ONLY be allowed to proceed WEST on Indiana Avenue from the round-about intersection.

- All traffic coming out of South Pier Drive will ONLY be allowed to proceed SOUTH on S 8th Street from the round-about intersection.

- There will be no east bound traffic permitted on Pennsylvania Avenue beyond 14th Street.

- If you view the fireworks from north of the Sheboygan River and have to get back to the south side, we suggest leaving west on Pennsylvania, Erie or Superior Avenues, and using 14th Street or Taylor Drive to go south.

- If you view the fireworks from south of the Sheboygan River and have to get back to the north side, we suggest turning west on Georgia Avenue or Broadway Avenue to reach South Business Drive and turn north.

We will attempt to have Officers manning the traffic lights on 14th Street to facilitate movement. Remember that everyone wants to leave at once and that is just not going to happen. Please be patient, and watch for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Everyone is encouraged to walk or use a bicycle if practical.

Bike Corrals: In an effort to minimize vehicular traffic and encourage exercise, the Police Department, with the assistance of the Police Explorer's Post, will have two bike corrals at the lake front.   One will be at Deland Park next to the Police Command Post and near the war memorial.  The second one will be in the South Pier area in the greenspace just south of 534 South Pier Drive along the boardwalk. The corrals will be available for holding normal sized bicycles from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm. Bicycles not collected by 11:00 pm will be impounded. There will be no charge for use of the corrals, so please take advantage of them, and leave your car at home! 

Other City Policies:

- Fireworks: The possession and use of Fireworks is PROHIBITED in the City of Sheboygan. Enjoy the official fireworks display, but save yourself an expensive fine and do not bring your own fireworks into the City.

- Alcohol: Alcohol possession and consumption is PROHIBITED ON ANY BEACH area in the City. Alcohol may be possessed and consumed on the area of Deland Park that is south of the pier (the vendor area), and on the grass area of King Park. No person may possess any glass container within any City of Sheboygan park.

-Pets are prohibited in all city parks and beaches except those designated and posted as being either on-leash or off-leash, Sec. 18-15.  This includes that pets are prohibited in both Deland and King Parks and their beaches.

- Bonfires: Recreational Fires are allowed along the Lake Michigan shoreline from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Fires can be no larger than 36 inches in diameter and 18 inches high. Recreational fires can be wood-fueled only and must be at least 20 feet from any structure. To assist with beach cleanup, we ask that fires NOT be buried at the end of the evening. Fires may be extinguished with water or left safely to burn out. Burying fires will cause injuries.

- Excavation: No person may construct any pit or excavation in any public beach area.

- Boats and Watercraft: Boats and Watercraft must remain clear of public beaches.

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