"She Forgives Me," said Accused Killer of Oconomowoc Woman to Police

An Oconomowoc man was charged for fatally shooting his girlfriend in the head, and he told police she has forgiven him.

Christina Schuster’s brother told police he was with the couple the night before the incident occurred.

The three of them allegedly smoked marijuana together, and during this time his sister showed Jessie Lee a photo of another that she said would treat her well.

The next day her brother found her dead in her bedroom.

Her brother showed police a text message he had sent about the couples fighting.

“So I’m in a complicated place. I’ve been staying by my sister during the week while I work and they are fighting pretty bad…Dude has a gone,” texted the brother.

Police were told of Jessie Lee’s location by a woman in Milwaukee that was letting him stay with her.

She told police that Lee said Schuster’s death was an accident.

Lee told police the last time he saw police she was alive, but later told police that he was visited by Schuster after her death. According to the criminal complaint, Lee told police, “She forgives me.”

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