Shake Shack is now open in Milwaukee's Third Ward

NOW: Shake Shack is now open in Milwaukee’s Third Ward


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- People were lining up for hours in the chilly weather for a free burger on Wednesday.

The first 50 people in line got free lunch to celebrate 'Shake Shack' opening its first restaurant in Wisconsin. 

The restaurant is located in Milwaukee's Third Ward near Buffalo and Water.

"This is the build for a great neighborhood. There are many places we love being associated with, such great people. We had people waiting outside until 11:40 p.m. and that shows we're in the right place," said Matt Meyer with Shake Shack.

Besides burgers, Shake Shack will also offer some Wisconsin specialties like a Usinger jalapeno cheddar brat or brat burger as well as a "Shackmeister" cheddar brat with shallots and cheese sauce. 

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