Sex Trafficking Survivor Shared Her Story with CBS 58

It's a problem in many communities across Wisconsin.

The dangerous and disturbing world of sex trafficking.

One survivor is hoping to lend a powerful voice in the fight to stop it.

In an auditorium of nearly 50 professional healthcare workers, Kelse Nablina shares her inside knowledge of human trafficking.

“I'm a survivor of familiar human trafficking which means one of my family members early on was involved in getting me in to human trafficking. And that's about 70% of people in trafficking are somehow introduced to it through a font family member so it's actually a bigger number than you think,” said Nablina.

She says it took her nearly 20 years to except that she is a survivor of human trafficking.

She now spends part of her time speaking about her experience. But today was the first time she spoke to healthcare professionals.   

"One of my biggest challenges in the whole process is that you come away with injuries you come along with long-term health problems from being trafficked, and often it's hard to access help and I've run into that myself," Nablina said.

Nibley know says she has proof human trafficking exist in Wisconsin. Well she doesn't talk about the specifics of her Trumatic experience she knows giving a voice to those who can't speak can be a lifesaver. 

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