Severe weather blamed for two Florida deaths

(CNN) Severe weather is blamed for two deaths and five injuries in Manatee County, Florida, local officials said.

The victims all belonged to the same family and were inside a mobile home in Duette, a small community near Tampa.

Steve Wilson, 58, and Kate Wilson, 51, were killed when the storm damaged the mobile home, Manatee County spokesman Nick Azzara told CNN.

Five others inside the mobile home -- Steven M. Wilson, 38, and four children between the ages of 6 and 10 -- were injured, officials said.

At least two tornadoes struck in Manatee and Sarasota counties, CNN affiliate WFLA reported.

"Most of the damage is in Duette, which is in the far eastern border of Manatee County," Azzara told CNN. "That is believed to be where the tornado touched down and lifted a trailer. That's where the family was where the fatalities are."

Azzara said the trailer was on its own lot "with no homes for miles around."

Some 3,000 people remain without power in Manatee County, he said.

In Sarasota County, storms caused damage to Siesta Key, Sarasota County spokesman Jason Bartolone said.

Several buildings in a condo complex on Siesta Key were damaged, he said.

About 17,000 residents are without power throughout Sarasota County.

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