Severe Weather Almost Here. Are You Prepared?

Many times severe weather sneaks up on you.  So early preparation can only be helpful.  It's advised for everyone to have at least two means of getting weather alerts.  New smart phones are equipped to automatically deliver Wireless Emergency Alerts.  The alerts are activated for phones nearest cellular towers where there's a storm warning.  People can also download apps displaying weather radar.  Weather radios can also be programmed to give automatic alerts for a warning. is a great source.

In case severe weather is in the forecast, there are some other items to consider.  First, make sure of what's happening.  Listen for updates, such as weather watches and warnings and plan your day accordingly.  Plan to be in shelter.  If you see a tornado and can drive away from it, you're advised to do so.  But if not, abandon your vehicle and seek shelter.  If no structure is available, lie flat in a ditch and cover your head or remain in your car with your seat belt fastened.  Crouch down as well.  

If you can seek shelter safely, head to a basement or interior room of your home.  Cover your neck and head with pillows or padding to protect yourself from flying debris.  

Just a reminder April 13th through the 17th is Severe Awareness Week across Wisconsin.  There's a mock tornado drill on Thursday, April 16th at 1pm.  A mock tornado watch is first issued followed by a tornado warning at 1:45pm .  

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