Several Dairy Farmers in Wisconsin without Milk Buyer

Dairy farmers in Wisconsin are being impacted by a distributor decreasing milk intake because of a Canadian dairy regulations.

Grassland Dairy Products released a statement about the impact on the company and the dairy industry in Wisconsin.

Grassland recently made the difficult decision to reduce our milk intake volumes. After years of selling milk product into Canada, our Canadian partners notified us that due to their new Canadian dairy regulations, they would stop purchasing our products effective immediately. The Canadian business affects Grassland up to 1 million pounds of milk per day. After evaluating and adjusting as much milk as possible, we were forced to decrease our milk intake.

In the past years, Grassland has worked tirelessly with state and federal officials, Governor Walker and Paul Ryan; national and state industry organizations, USDEC and NMPF; along with the media in attempt to keep Canadian trade. Despite our attempts to keep trade open, we have been unsuccessful and regretfully, will no longer be able to take in milk from some producers. While this came suddenly, for both our company and the farmers, we hope farms will be able to transition during the next several weeks. This was a difficult decision and made with the utmost respect for the hard-working dairy farmers.

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