Seven Suspicious Fires in Elkhorn

In Elkhorn, police think several recent fires may have been set on purpose.

Police are counting more than half a dozen fires.

A few of these fires just a few feet away from the police and fire departments. 

A landlord, where a couple of these fires happened, said he's had enough.

Frustration from Peter Boas, after two of his three apartment buildings caught fire.

And police think they're suspicious.

"I'm just pissed. Bags of trash that somebody put in the laundry room and started on fire. A lot of pant damage. It didn't really burn into the floor too much. It wasn't terrible damage, but it's still the pretty bad," said Boas.

From March to Today, Elkhorn Police are counting four fires at apartment buildings, and three dumpsters.

Most of the flames were started in the middle of the night.

"It's very unusual. I've never seen anything like that," said Boas. 

Boas said many of his tenants are on edge. 

"A lot of them are just startled and scared. The middle building didn't get affected but they're still scared too," he said. 

 Although there was only damage to his laundry rooms, Boas says it's an inconvenience, and wants it to stop.

"All of the machines are closed here. And it'll be a while until i can open them back up, said Boas. "I hope the guy comes forward. He should just come forward or stop doing it."

 Elkhorn Police said they have some leads, but don't have anyone in custody.

There is a five-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

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