'Serious challenges to resolve:' MPD Community Report highlights troubling trends, key strategies

NOW: ’Serious challenges to resolve:’ MPD Community Report highlights troubling trends, key strategies

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A report looking at the first five months of 2022 highlights increases in crime-like homicides, non-fatal shootings and carjackings, but decreases in reckless driving as the Milwaukee Police Department continues to develop and implement strategies to address the issues which have hit record levels in recent years.

MPD Chief Jeffrey Norman and Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson announced the release of the 2022 MPD Community Report at a news conference on June 10.

The report was not released to reporters and the public until after the event.

"This is something of a comprehensive look of what the Milwaukee Police Department is doing but also with our partnerships, with our elected officials, so that people can have a one-stop shop of finding out all the different strategies," Chief Norman told reporters.

"We've got serious challenges to resolve," Mayor Johnson said. "So, let's be clear, good work is underway and the Milwaukee Police Department is a big part in that."

The report looks at three main public safety categories: violent crime, reckless driving and auto thefts. The 43-page report includes statistics, key strategies for both MPD and the community and partnerships.

Crime increases so far in 2022 include a 39 percent increase in homicides, a ten percent increase in carjackings and a six percent increase in non-fatal shootings.

One area where there is a decrease in is reckless driving. There have been drops in reckless driving calls, fatal crashes and reckless driving citations. MPD partially credits the decreases to its Traffic Safety Unit, which launched in February of 2021.

The report also lays out MPD's strategies for addressing each category.

Strategies for reducing violent crime include police using more technology, better community engagement and reducing illegal access to firearms. For reckless driving, strategies include education, resource deployment based on data and community input and increased consequences. Auto theft strategies focus on target hardening and targeting repeat offenders.

Along with the work MPD is doing, city leaders said the community also has a role, with strategies laid out in the report.

"We want you, the community, to know what we're doing," Norman said. "We also understand that you, the community, are a major part of the solution. We include roles of what the community can do and how they can help to make a safer community."

The report also highlights how the department faces a decrease in the number of sworn officers while responding to an increase in the number of calls for services. Response times for those calls have also increased.

The complete report can be seen here:

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